Nye produkter


The new TREKKING BELT was designed for owners who are looking for maximum comfort and safety while walking their dog.

The dog’s leash can be attached to the belt, suitable for keeping your hands free while having control of your dog.

This Alpine Climber model is adjustable. It has a functinal MOLLE system to attached any extra light equipment or a treat bag.  

The PIT-STOP BAG is a practical dog treat pouche with an extra front pocket and a poop bag dispenser.

It can be used as shoulder bag, thanks to the shoulder strap (included), or it can be attached to a belt using the MOLLE System.

The bag can be purchased separtately.  

Specially designed for sprint racing, the SNOW HOOK ULTRAX ALUMINIUM weighs only 580 g!

Despite its light weight, it remains a strong hook with its reinforced steel tips. 

The Snow hook ultraX is available in one size - Medium and one color - Black. 

The CANIX LINE  is a Polyethylene 7mm-thick line for one dog with shock absorber integrated.

When extended the line is 150 cm long.

It is suitable for canicross activities, both training and racing.

The Axaeco Aluminum Twist-Lock Carabiner is included.

The CARABINER CANIX BELT is a high tensile aluminum carabiner with screw gate.

The particular D shape prevents the rotation of the hook and allows distribution of most of the load along the stronger axis.

Equipped with a screw gate which makes it perfect for all professional applications.

Max Load : 12 KN

Weight: 27 gr.

Size: H 81mm/ W 46mm